Unit 7: Future Learnings

Tutorial to Evernote


Autumn Adventure

The Highlights

Since I only had 30 seconds…I have decided to add a few reflections below!


I learnt so much in the course and would have to say it was one of the best Professional Development courses I have been involved with since I started teaching in the early 80’s. From creating my own blog and learning how to organise information through the use of web browsers, Evernote and Diigo, to exploring twitter and being equipped with the tools to evaluatie web sites and different search engines,  have all been many of the new discoveries for me.

The highlight would have to be the knowledge I have gained overall and I really do think I am now equipped with a good tool kit to go out there and start sharing and exploring. The Unit on Digital Citizenship in particular I found very useful with great resources from Jenny Luca‘s blog and the website commonsense media.

During the course I felt reaffirmed mostly…knowing I had been on the right track and knew more than I thought I did! I also realised that we are better off learning one tool well than trying to master all, which is impossible in this technological environment with so much information out there. The only factor that slowed my progress was our desktop computer at home has Windows 8, which isn’t compatible with Blackboard collaborate or some plug-ins using Java. I also had a frustrating week with adding the Evernote and Diigo web clippers to the desktop and the iPad, but after sheer perserverance and many late nights finally succeeded! Although I use an iPad daily there were some limitations.

I would highly recommend this PLN and encourage teacher librarians and educators to sign up. It’s not a difficult course although it can be time consuming and it’s obvious the State Library team have put a great deal of thought into the overall course and the placement of each Unit. I thought the topics chosen and in particular the sequence in which they were introduced was excellent.

I am about to begin a four month placement in a library with Year 5 to 8 students and I am really looking forward to sharing what I have learnt! All the best VicPLN2013 participants I hope we continue learning together and look forward to connecting through social media. Thank you Cam, Kelly and the team for all your hard work and tremendous efforts in making this course so valuable.

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One Response to Unit 7: Future Learnings

  1. Catherine HAINSTOCK says:

    Congratulations on finishing the course! Thank you for the feedback and we are so glad you gained so much from the course. It’s true about building a tool kit; that’s far more important than being up on every new app that comes out. Besides, once you are feeling comfortable with the tools you have you will be able to confidently evaluate tools and apps and expand your kit to suit new needs.
    We’d like to encourage everyone to stay in touch with us and each other via the vicPLN (your pln!) FB page and Twitter hashtag. The course may be over but the pln is there for you to draw on and support from now on.
    All the best,
    (for the PLN Team)

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